Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1

    • Michael Hebron - Are You On The Right Path To Reaching Your Dreams? It Depends...

    • Chris Ryan - How To Avoid The Frustration That Plagues Many Beginner Golfers

    • Dr. Quinto Pauletti - How To Achieve Optimal Health With Your Busy Schedule And Eat The Foods You Love!

    • Scott Fawcett - The "Million Dollar Tip" Professional Golfers Wished Someone Had Shared With Them When They Were First Starting Out

    • David Orr - The Secret To Avoiding Your Putting Nightmares On The Green And How To Putt Lights Out!

  • 2

    Day 2

    • Craig Davies - Why PGA Tour Players Have An Advantage In Fitness And If You Harness These Secrets, You Can Too!

    • Brad Skupaka - Why Getting Custom Fit Is Like Taking Steroids For Your Golf Game!

    • Dr. Kwon - How To Develop An Efficient Swing That Will Allow You To Bomb Your Drives Like Bryson DeChambeau!

    • Michael Napolean - How You Can Add Up To 25 Yards in 6 Weeks Using This System!

    • Nick Clearwater - With Data From Over 1 Million Golfers Including Tour Players, Here Are The Keys You Need To Great Ballstriking

  • 3

    Day 3

    • Andrew Rice - Step By Step Guide To Fixing Your Poor Wedge Play Immediately

    • Adam Bazelgette - The Keys That Every Great Ball Striker In The History Of The Game Shared And How You Too Can Possess Them

    • Piers And Andy, Me And My Golf - Referring To When He Said, "The Secret Is In The Ground."

    • Sean Foley - How To Practice Your Way To Consistent Golf

    • Shannon Shuskey - How To Get Into The Zone On Demand To Play Consistent Golf