Course curriculum

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    Day 1

    • Michael Hebron - Are You On The Right Path To Reaching Your Dreams? It Depends...

    • Craig Ballantyne - Why Your Daily Routine Could Be Sabotaging Your Success On The Course And How To Correct It Immediately!

    • Mark Broadie - Do You Know Which Areas Of Your Game You Should Be Focusing On? Find Out How This One Player Found His Weakness And Rose To #1 In The World!

    • Scott Fawcett - The "Million Dollar Tip" that many Professional Golfers Wished Someone Would Have Shared With Them When First Starting Out

    • Mark Fulcher - How To Choose The Perfect Caddie For Your Game. Your Decision Will Make Or Break Your Year On Tour!

    • Nick Clearwater - How Data Collected From Over 1 Million Golfers Is Your Key To Consistency

    • David Orr - The One Putter You Must Avoid At All Costs If You Want To Become A World-Class Putter!

    • Craig Davies - Why PGA Tour Players Have An Advantage In Fitness And If You Harness These Secrets, You Can Too!

    • Jeff Later - How To Achieve Optimal Health With Your Busy Schedule And Eat The Foods You Love!

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    Day 2

    • Brendan Von Doehren - The Multiple Paths To The PGA Tour

    • Mike Nichols - The Multiple Pathways To The LPGA Tour

    • LPGA Star Sandra Gal - How To Find Sponsors Who Will Fund Your Way To The Tour

    • Mike Manavian - Why A GEARS Clubfitting Session Is The Only Fitting You'll Ever Need!

    • James Leitz - Why Ben Hogan Said, "The Secret Is In The Ground"

    • Dr. Kwon - How Biomechanics Can Help You Add Up To 20-30+ Yards To Your Drives

    • Michael Napolean - How To Add Up To 25 Yards Using This System

    • Sean Foley - We're All Doing It Wrong, Some Are Just Doing It Wrong Better Than Others

    • Shannon Shuskey - The Secret To Becoming The #1 Ranked Golfer In The World